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Time Tracking & Scheduling

It's all About being efficient.

Increase productivity and business performance

Paper tracking of time and attendance slows down productivity and takes time away from what you and your employees need to accomplish. Our time and attendance management solution helps eliminate paper by providing you with a more efficient way to collect and track employee time.

More Accurate

Stop overworking yourself. Tracking time and managing schedules is redundant work that takes up too much time. We’ve made automating multiple tasks simple for your organization.

All your tracking and scheduling needs are packaged into one easy to use solution. Our dashboards are loaded with the data you need to keep everyone on the same page.

Control Features

  • Automation
    Automatically track accruals the easy way. JetPay understands you need a system that fits your existing policies. Customize your reports to tally per hour, per diem, per pay, or per month. So long, spreadsheets!

  • Monitoring
    Customize the system to monitor overtime or schedule meal breaks automatically.
  • Effortless payroll
    Automation does away with time-consuming data entry and eliminates the possibility of clerical errors. JetPay has eliminated the need to manually key in hours and wages. With our smart system, you will complete payroll in a fraction of the time.

  • Fraud controls
    Intelligent systems track and monitor punches to identify troublesome patterns. Alerts put an end to “buddy punching” and the like.
  • Alerts and notification
    You don’t have to watch over the punch clock when it’s integrated with your HR and Payroll dashboard. Customize alerts to manage the timing and duration of hours worked. Set up notifications for:

    • Schedule changes
    • Lateness
    • Leaving early
    • Working over allocated hours
    • Working too few hours

Managing the mobile workforce.

Hyper-productive businesses and industries that put employees in the field, like sales, are often the first to adopt mobile gadgets. The popularity of mobile phones has given employers more access to staff out in the field during the work day and after-hours. More and more our office-based businesses are seeing the benefit of hiring telecommuting workers. Services operating out of brick and mortar locations can benefit from electronic HR features, too.

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