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Payroll & Tax Filling

Get to payday the easier way

Paying your staff is so much more than tallying time sheets and cutting checks. There is time to collect, deductions to charge, and demographics to update.

How much time do you spend calculating hours worked and time off? We know from experience that payroll calculations can take hours to complete.

Today, with JetPay’s single-database HCM platform, your payroll will run faster with more accuracy and efficiency.

With automation in mind, our tools were modeled after the work flows considered best-practice in the payroll industry. Now you have more time to grow your business.

The Only Constant

Is change ... Say goodbye to manually entering stacks of change forms. When you manage benefits and salaries there are always modifications to be made. There’s a better way to manage payroll changes with JetPay. We have created a simple interface for employees to create and submit payroll changes. Simply review and commit approved changes to your next payroll cycle. Lighten your workload and save paper with employee self-service.

Help staff to help themselves.

Why act as a gatekeeper when employees can access payroll and benefit information themselves? Lighten your workload and save paper with employee self-service.


Powering Your Productivity

  • Tax filing
    We will deposit and file all of the required payroll taxes – Federal, State(s), and Local(s) – including EIT and LST as part of our Payroll Tax Filing Service.

  • Implementation
    Our experts make the conversion from your present system feel like a breeze.

  • White-glove service
    Our exemplary customer service is what puts us ahead of the competition. 98% customer satisfaction is no accident, it’s part of our DNA.
  • New hire reporting
    We’ll file on your behalf or provide you with a report to file on your own, either way you’ll meet the federal requirements for filing new hires.

  • General ledger
    Transfer payroll data into bookkeeping applications – another tool to increase productivity.

  • HR Support Center
    Gain access to an Online HR knowledge base, plus receive important regulatory and compliance alerts.
  • Employee Self Service
    Employees gain access to pay-stubs, W-2s, and more – saving you both time.

  • Reports
    Access a plethora of standard payroll reports or choose the option to build your own.

Streamline your payroll process today!

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