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One Shot

That's all you get at showing your recruit what your company is about and what you expect. New employees used to get a good idea of what a company was about by the end of their first day. Now employees are taking in cues about your company’s culture before they’re hired. With JetPay’s web-based onboarding tools, new hires get started before their first day begins.

The Right Tools

Engaged employees are made, not found. Studies show thorough onboarding is associated with higher productivity and better retention rates. With the high cost of turnover, it’s good business to start your new hire out on the right foot. With JetPay’s intuitive and time-saving features, the overall on-boarding process becomes much easier.

Your All-In-One Solution

JetPay offers user friendly applications delivering you the total HR solution – from posting the position, to vetting shortlisted candidates, and on to new hire paperwork quicker than the competition. You also can assign hiring teams to collaborate within the dashboard. Use us while saving you time and money while you super-charge your selection process. Automated pre-screening features save you effort and improve your shortlist:

Making The Hiring Processes Better.

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