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Fraud & Security

Think security

Our #1 Priority

Our real-time Fraud and Risk Monitoring software is built in to all JetPay processing accounts. Our verification system analyzes payment activity so it can alert you immediately to any suspect transactions.

Real-time Reporting: Immediate, customized snapshots of any account. Whatever you need to know, whenever you need to know it. With appropriate follow-up, our Risk and Fraud systems have a 99% accuracy rate, one of the highest in the industry.


Secure Tokenization is one of our many security features to help keep your cardholder’s data secure. Handled by our PCI-compliant algorithms and encryption, the sensitive data is kept under maximum security while a unique token is placed on your system in the place of card numbers. These tokens cannot be engineered back to the card, leaving hackers and unauthorized individuals with useless data.

Greater Security, Greater Opportunity

  • Trust
    More customers trusting you with their details mean higher sales.

  • Expansion
    With card data now secure, you could move more processes and systems to the cloud.
  • Savings
    No more third party Token Service Providers – one less expense and point of failure

  • Card On File
    Recurring payments, repeat purchases and refunds are easier and more secure.
  • Authenticity
    Fewer problems with Issuers over chargebacks, reimbursement and legal action.

  • Easier Compliance
    Note storing cardholder data can go a long way in reducing your PCI overhead.

Secure Your Payments With JetPay.

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