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Security That Matters

E.M.V (Europay, MasterCard and Visa)

Billions, yes Billions every year are lost by merchants due to fraudulent transaction both Online and in stores. Why? Easy; criminals are keeping pace with credit card security developments.

However, with the adoption of EMV in the US and the added security of tokenization and end-to-end encryption, that number is starting to go down dramatically.

Today JetPay is leading the field in the adoption of EMV with "Chip-N-Dip" ready terminals and some of the most advanced prevention measure to date to defeat credit card crime.

The Better Way To Fight Fraud

When a consumer makes an in-store purchase with a chip-enabled card, potential fraudulent activity occurs when your business is not using a chip-enabled reader.

Protect your business with JetPay’s full suite of tools including E.M.V capable readers, real-time security reporting, and tokenization.

Using EMV terminals reduces chargebacks due to fraudulent payments, gives confidence to your customers about their security, and discourages fraudulent activity.

State of the Art Protection for your Business.

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